HOT SPRINGS: medical and wellbeing properties

A good example is ancient Rome, where hot springs were widely used, and were accessible to all Romans, regardless of their social status.
The hot springs of ancient Rome were a true “wellness centre” by modern standards.

Nowadays, Italy has a large number of thermal baths, recognised and licensed to be used by anyone wishing to relax and detoxify with hot springs.

Bormio hot springs have been classified as hyperthermal. There are as many as nine springs feeding Bormio thermal baths, with water temperatures ranging from 37° to 43°, depending on the season. The springs are located on the slopes of Mount Reit, distinguished by its limestone rock.

A unique and precious heritage Bormio has always offered to all its visitors.

Hot spring water offers a wide range of benefits: it moisturises, refreshes, cleanses and purifies.

More specifically, Bormio hot springs are beneficial for the following medical conditions:

  • chest infections by inhaling their water vapour;
  • rheumatic and uricemic illnesses;
  • skin diseases;
  • diseases affecting the reproductive system;
  • inflammation and digestive system disorders;
  • post-traumatic rehabilitation following bone fractures.

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