Summer in Bormio: open air and sport, culture and relax

Summer in Bormio means open air and sport, culture and relax.

Open air and sports because…

…because Bormio is a town surrounded by nature, offering a wide range of activities to its visitors: from golf to tennis, from mountain bike rides to walks along Stelvio National Park paths, which allow visitors to enjoy unique hikes of different degrees of difficulty. Hikers can in fact experiment over 600 km of trails.

In addition, anglers will be able to enjoy fishing in Cancano lakes.

Culture because…

… because the old town centre of Bormio certainly deserves a visit to discover its streets.

Walking through the streets of the town centre allows visitors to breathe the air of times gone by, reminiscent of its seven hundred year long glorious past as a small local democracy in the centre of the Alps.
The heart of the historic centre is Piazza del Kuerc which, together with Torre della Bajona (Bajona tower) dominates the square and is the symbol of Bormio. The Kuerc was built in the 16th century and, from an architectural point of view, features an amphitheatre shaped roof structure with a trapezoidal shape, housing some curved benches.
As for the Towers, out of the 32 towers present during Bormio golden era, only three still stand:

  • Torre degli Alberti, dating back to the 13th century;
  • Torre della Bajona, the second symbol of Bormio;
  • And the tower attached to Palazzo de Simoni. This palace now houses the civic museum and the town hall.

Visiting the historic centre of any respectable town must also include visiting its churches, which are plentiful in Bormio.

The Collegiata is the main church, built in 824, destroyed by the Spanish in 1621 and completely rebuilt the following year. Well worth a visit.

Relax because…

…because Bormio, located at an altitude of 1200 metres, is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a well-being focused holiday.

This is ensured by its mild climate, its pure mountain air and its stunning views.

In particular, we can’t but highly recommend a visit to the very famous and renowned Bormio hot springs.

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