Bormio and the surrounding area: walks, paths and hiking trails to be discovered

Do you like walking in the fresh air surrounded by nature?

Do you enjoy hiking to explore every corner of the sorroundings?

Then you will be impressed by Bormio and its walking and hiking trails, offering different degrees of difficulty: everyone is catered for!


The walks starting from Bormio are listed below:

From Bormio to Croce della Reit: a trail ideal for any season and suitable for all. At the end of the trail, you will reach a view point affording great sights of Bormio, Valfurva and Valle d’Uzza.

From Bormio to Chiesa Rotta: short but intense walk, being almost entirely uphill, and leading to the remains of Castello di San Pietro. After reaching your destination, a breathtaking view of the centre of Bormio awaits you.

From Bormio to the Madonnina del Soccorso: easy walk, suitable for all, not requiring the use of a car.

From Bormio to Santa Lucia: easy and relaxing walk, ideal for children, being surrounded by nature and in a totally flat area.


The trails suitable for more experienced visitors are listed below:

  • Cancano Lakes
  • Rese dello Scorluzzo
  • Strada militare dell’Ables
  • Valle dei Forni
  • Valle del Braulio
  • Val Fraele
  • Val di Rezzalo
  • Val Lia – Piazzi Peak
  • Val Viola
  • Val Zebru’

Source Bormio3 (http://www.bormio3.it/passeggiate/)

Caution and attention

We all know that mountains are beautiful places, but we must also be aware of their hazards. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to assess your skill level and physical conditions before starting a hike.

We also recommend the less experienced hikers to be accompanied by the highly skilled alpine guides, who will safely show you the most stunning views!

This said, we wish you a very pleasant hike!

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